Michael Lytle and George Cartwright

MSI at “Artists Present Artists” – Inroads – 9/28/83
With Polly Bradfield & Arto Lindsey

We liked to invite guests, as you know. One of our favorite players, even to this day, is Polly Bradfield, a member of the early Zorn/Chadborne/Bradfield trio. Then, of course, the great Arto Lindsey needs no introduction. Amazing to play with them both.

Included in the concert, are four pieces. Each with a different combination of players. There are some excellent textures here, adding Polly’s violin, (which she plays often with a tooth brush) to the rest of us. The recording has been remastered and is very clear also. Arto, unfortunately was further off to the right side than we realized and is often difficult to hear, but his remarkable vocal duet with David is balanced that direction so you can pick him up.

This actually, has been one of our favorite recordings and a section was used on a No Man’s Land compilation CD a few years ago.