Michael Lytle and George Cartwright

MSI at Woodland Patterns, May 5 and 6 1984

There was a little money and a few places where you could be flown to play in those days and one of the best was Milwaukee's Woodland Pattern Book Center founded in 1979 and still going strong. (www.woodlandpattern.org) We were invited for their 1984 series by the "volunteer curator", Thomas Gaudynski. Took a plane there and took a plane back. (What a cool idea.) We played two concerts, one as a trio and the other as a septet with the resident trio DG&G.

We had met Thomas when he played with his group (DG&G) at Roulette around the same time as our gig there with Kowald. Tom is a fine musician and new music study (He's a Fluxus expert) with

experience in music/theatre and improvisational music of all sorts and has remained a good friend.

Thomas knew our group pretty well so when we got there he had a suggestion or two as he explains here:
"As David documents in the recording, we did talk a lot about words. I commented on George's earlier pieces where he talked ("hand me the knife," "she had long red hair," etc.) and suggested if you three were ever going to find an audience for integrating words into performance, this was the right place. Not wanting to tell you what to do, but hoping you would do something with words, and you did." This certainly helped produce an interesting side of us.

May 5th concert: (the titles are Thomas's)

  1. Transmuting the Moment
  2. I Had an Incredible Temptation
  3. Fog
  4. A Large Concern Here About Words
  5. The Defeated Barbarity
  6. How Easy It Is To Be Beautiful
  7. Even the Rivers Go No Place

May 6th concert: The Sexier Sextet – an edited sextet performance of the trio plus DG&G – Diana David, electronic violin; Paul Gaudynski,
piano and Thomas Gaudynski, electric guitar and tapes. The title is a reference to Diana who was much an improvement.

We had a great time, and were treated like kings.