Michael Lytle and George Cartwright

MSI at Symphony Space – 5/8/82 – Composers’ Forum – “New Music, New Composers”

During the early 1980’s Lytle/Cartwright/Moss was a member of and represented by Composers’ Forum, Inc.

Composers’ Forum, Inc. was created in 1935 and existed till 2002 and was founded expressly for the benefit and presentation of composers and new music.  There were some very distinguished composers on it’s committees and boards including Lukas Foss, Earle Brown, Aaron Copland, Otto Luening, William Schuman, Virgil Thomson just to mention a few of my favorites.

Our contact there was Hollis Headrick, who now works at Arts & Cultural Strategies, Inc. the arts, education and philanthropy consultants. Hollis, a smart and committed young executive and musician himself, I believe truly enjoyed what we were doing and was very helpful to us at this early stage. You can see him introducing us at Jacobs Pillow on our only video at http://vimeo.com/29496233 (1985) as well as on this recording.

This concert was one of the many, many they had presented during their tenure as one of the most important new music organizations in the world. We were proud to be chosen as the closing act that afternoon.

This recording was professionally done and is a pretty good one.