Michael Lytle and George Cartwright

MSI at Roulette – 4/14/84

Our erstwhile trio with:
John Backer, piano
Polly Bradfield, violin
and Peter Kowald, bass
and including
Sally Silvers, dance

I'm still reeling from mixing the first set. Peter Kowald was a genius. We will always miss him.

David was hot and so was Polly. George and I were very good. You know, the variety of sounds is what is "more missing" today. New Music Improvisation is much the same - lots of sounds grinding around, but the types and quality of sound don't always gel and pool together. Here in this performance they really do. This is the real thing. At least I think so today.

I don't remember much about this concert, amazingly, since I like it so much. You know, you worry a lot - is everything set up right, can we hear everybody, are the mics in the right spots, is there enough tape in the machine, did you release the pause button, is this the reed I wanted to use (didn't get a chance to try it out, worrying about everything else) and you don't hear everything. You are off to the side, you get the jest of it all, you glue into the fabric as best you can, but you don't get the complete picture like now, when you sit back and help the sounds blend into the computer.

I don't remember if we got paid much. I know it was an important gig. I think Peter was happy and that was a big deal, coming all the way from Germany. We loved working with Polly. (I wonder if she is still playing) – what a scratchy girl. Who was John Backer? He's playing quite well. One thing I remember very well, is Sally Silvers climbing up the drainpipe. Now that was really something!