Michael Lytle and George Cartwright

Richmond , Virginia

The Southern Tour


Our trio, on a Southern Tour, driving in a big orange van, taking turns driving, laying down in the back, keeping the driver company – what a thing! How else would you do it on a shoestring, for practice, for a life, for music? Fast food, motels, concerts and receptions, oh boy!

Met a lot of nice people, great audiences. David remembers flowers. Michael remembers one of the great moments in playing for him. The group ended the concert in Knoxville on a strong one-note theme - a declamatory, proud repetition of the pitch. As he was in the front after, checking on the door list or something a young woman walks by on her way out singing the pitch. It was quite stirring for him.

We can’t remember much else, really, but it was a great time.