Dear Friends;

A happy moment here. The very first Curlew lp has been re-released on CD as a two cd set with live material from the same time
with Denardo Coleman on drums by the Downtown Music Galleries label, DMG/ARC . I thought you should know about it.

curlew(click on the names of these folks for more info 'cept for me which is where you are. now.)

Oddly, I always knew this music would again see the light of day.
And, oddly, it had, in my mind, taken on the idea that is was more like
very simple, very easy folk music than the avant beast that had reared it's collective head in 1979 NYC.
However, as I started listening to the re-mastered test cds I was blown away.
Who are these people? What is that music? Why am I jumping up and down?
Who had sense enough to let this happen and not screw it up?
Why is this wonderful after 30 years?

(questions 1 and 3 I can answer)

And the more I listened, the more I started to think of it as folk music again.

Please see the attached press release for more details and how to order a copy.

To go directly to the Downtown Music Gallery's  page to read about and order click here.



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