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Good Air

Ever thought about geese wearing shoes? Hardly a fit subject to bring up here, I realize, but listen to those webfooted shoestrung whole notes! Spring just around the corner and what does that get you? A complete set of shocks and struts, no less. What a girl, what a guy, what a golden goose.

Anyway, lets talk about a couple of humans with good air that look both ways. They do not need to check six before crossing that strange railroad. Safely last, and why not? While reed instruments can trim boards to specific lengths, they cannot cut trees. The make them grow taller instead. Roots too.

Those tongue-popping sounds scare away ghosts, incidentally. A football team floats from the locker room on gusty and compelling feminine breeses, though it's supposedly a guy kind of thing. These breeses come from the aforementioned reed instruments. In capable hands, they ask the answers to several important but obscure questions.

- Davey Williams

'Shamanistic... It Rules.' - Nick Didkovsky