Send Help George Cartwright with GloryLand PonyCat Adam Linz, Alden Ikeda , Andrew Broder songs by George, Bob Dylan,
Ornette Coleman, Anne Elias. Buy from iTunes

Curlew George Cartwright, re-issue of the very first Curlew lp by DMG as a double cd with Bill Bacon, Bill Laswell, Nicky Skopiletis,
Denardo Coleman, and Tom Cora.Buy from DMG

A Tenacious Slew- George Cartwright, November 2006 with Chris Parker, Adam Linz, Alden Ikeda, JT Bates,
Anne Elias and Christina Baldwin recorded at The Walker Art Center, Minnepolis, Minnesota . (Innova) 2007

The Ghostly Bee - George Cartwright Sept. 2005, with Davey Williams, Bruce Golden, Adam Linz,
Chris Parker . (Innova) 2006

Gussie -Curlew (Roratorio) Dec. 2003
Live at Gus Lucky's limited edition of 436 lps with hand painted covers by Anne Elias

Mercury -Curlew- (Cuneiform )Sept 2003 Buy from Cuneiform

Black Ants Crawling - George Cartwright and GloryLand PonyCat – (Innova) May 2003

Meet The Curlews - Curlew (Cuneiform) Jan 2003 Buy from Cuneiform

North America - Curlew - (Cuneiform)fall 2002 Buy from Cuneiform

The Memphis Years - George Cartwright (Cuneiform) 2000 Buy from Cuneiform

Fabulous Drop - Curlew (Cuneiform ) 1998 Buy from Cuneiform

Paradise - Curlew (Cuneiform) 1996 Buy from Cuneiform

Red Rope - in duet with Michael Lytle (CIMP) 1998

The Hardwood - Curlew (Cuneiform) 1992 live video Buy from Cuneiform

A Beautiful Western Saddle - Curlew (Cuneiform) 1989 words by Paul Haines, sung by Amy Denio Buy from Cuneiform

Bee - Curlew (Cuneiform) 1987 Buy from Cuneiform

Meltable Snaps It with Michael Lytle and David Moss (RecRec Germany) 1986

Live in Berlin - Curlew (Cuneiform) 1986 Buy from Cuneiform

Integrated Variables by Kevin Norton with Mark Dresser (CIMP) 1992

Plus, and in no particular order:

Coup De Tete American Clave); Unsettled Scores (Cuneiform)Hallelujah Anyway ( Remembering Tom Cora); Darn it! (American Clave) Bright Bank Elewhale (Corn Pride
Live at the Knitting Factory Vol 1 (Knitting Factory World)
The 20th Anniversary of the Summer of Love (Shimmy Disc)
and others.